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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The 10 "Hottest" Beaches This Summer (part 2)

And to conclude, the other five are:

6. Similan Islands, Thailand
Location: Nine islands with tropical jungles, and on each one of them there are numerous hidden untouched beaches and incredibly beautiful coral reefs. The visitors are barefooted pairs in love enjoying the natural beauty and their own company. Many scuba divers vanish from the sea surface in search for the underwater beauties.
Drink: Vine with the dinner while cruising through the islands.

7.Motu Tane, French Polinisea
Location: After a short trip with a boat from Bora Bora, this private island is available for those with seriously deep pockets. The french guru for interial design Christian Laigire designed the bungalows on the island.Private tours with a vehicle, watching dolphins and whales, having romantic dinner on the beach under torches are part of the activities you can do on this island. The visitors are fashion designers, super models and model photographers.
Drink: Anything you feel like.

8. Pink Sands, Harbour Island, Bahamas
Location: Is there any beach more beautiful then this one? I doubt it. Pink Sands is 3 miles (4km) long, with beautiful sand that's really pink. It's famous as one of the best places in the world for diving and probably the best location for re-filling your "batteries". The visitors are businessmen in linen suits and ladies with diamonds. Walking barefoot on the beach is part of the beach extravagance.
Drink: Local beer "kalik" or the "bahama mama" cocktail.

9.Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Location:Bali is the ideal place to take a lying chair and an umbrella and sleep in the shadow away from the sun. That's the best way to "detox" your body after a night of karaoke, dancing and flirting on Kuta Beach in the southern part of Bali. The caffes , the bars and the night clubs are ideal for hedonists and young restless adventurists.
Drink: Bali is famous for it's sunset, so anything goes here while watching how the sun is setting down changing it's color from light orange to blood red until it fades away completely under the horizon.

10.Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Location: Settled in the north-east of Brazil, Salvador lies among green tropical hills and the wide beaches in the bay Todos os Santos. In the past this place had been a slave port, but today is a wonderful mixture of African and Brazilian culture and cuisine. That attracts many visitors with sense for sensuality, and in the background you can hear the deep sound of drums , while athletic guys are practicing capuera and there gorgeous girlfriends are watching them.
Drink: The classic capirinha is not "in" anymore, the hit for this summer is capirinha mixed with sake for a stronger taste.

So, check your pockets, bank account, credit cards, relatives for a loan, make your pick and pack your suitcases. Although I wouldn't hurry that much, off season is cheaper more relaxed and most of this places are warm as hell even in winter. Have a nice holiday!

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