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Monday, August 27, 2007

The 10 "Hottest" Beaches This Summer

The end of the summer is getting near, so for those who want to take the "last train" to paradise let's check out the options. Here are the Top 10 Beaches:

1. Bodrum, Turkey.
Location: Imagine relaxing , pleasant days and nights filled with "action". That's like the vacation in this little Turkish place on the Aegean Sea. People come here to relax and the beaches are full with beautiful people from all over the world.
Drink: After the night lights will shine on the castle in Bodrum it's time for "raqi", "which is also called "lions heart". Local say it has a lions effect over the libido.

2. Paradise Beach, Myconos, Greece
Location: Small and restless Greek island of the parties. From about ten fun places on Myconos, Paradise Beach is defenitly where everybody will be. Imagine a party in a night club whit many people dressed only in swim suits, it's a place where it doesn't matter if it's a day or night to party.
Drink: "Ouzo on the Beach"

3.Island Ihuru, Maldives
Location: In the Indic Ocean, southwest from Sri Lanka, this island offers anything a man can expect from a summer vacation. Palm beaches, white sand, blue lagoons and a reef with rich underwater life and corals in all colors. All visitors wear the national clothe "sarong", and even more wear scuba diving gear.
Drink:Coconut Milk. Logically.

4. Cousin, Seychelles
Location: This place is ideal for running away from everyday life. Cousin is a private island, home of alabaster beaches with small exclusive cottages. The place is a natural park with four villas. The visitors are just few chosen people.
Drink: Ice cold champagne.

5.Ka'anapali, Maui , Hawaii
Location: The great love romances happen only once in a lifetime, or twice. So use the Hawaiian sunset clische, fresh "aloha" flowers and the warm water on the west coast of Hawaii. Near there is a small town called Lahaina, ideal for walking, and looking through the art galleries.
Drink: "Tanned butt on the beach", with rum, kalhua, ice and milk.

to be continued...

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