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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Colors (fine, Autumn for the British)

Autumn. Don't you love it? Off course half the world doesn't have autumn, and half of the other half think it's the season with low 80 degrees (27C), so it's up to the few privileged (1 billion) to appreciate the beauties of the autumn. Why do I like it? Because...

In my country in autumn there's fruit, fresh fruit everywhere. You can literally pick it up from the fruit trees. Apples, pears and most importantly grape. And unlike the rest of the world it actually tastes like the fruit should taste. It's not artificially ripen and it doesn't taste like plastic filled with water. And it's sweet , not sour. (My country is Macedonia, Europe)
Autumn is the only season where it's easy ti pick clothes, without worrying that it will be too hot or too cold. Summers and winters are unbearable, you can be completely naked and it's still hot, or wrapped up in wool blankets, but when it's cold it's cold. Spring is competition, but spring time is unpredictable, because although you feel just fine, the weather is warm and sunny, the next day you got the flue.Not to mention all the allergies.
Autumn in New York. I really like this movie. And it kinda has to be autumn to watch it.
The weather. It has everything except snow. Sunny days with wind, yellow leafes and rain, sunny days and rainy nights, thunderstorms. But what I appreciate is a suuny day with a little stronger breeze and coffee with friends in a cafe by the lake.
Autumn is romantic by nature. New love's first kiss in the rain is classic.

My advice is skip going to work any way you can, even lie if necessary and go for a prolonged weekend in the country. Students, it's not like you have to go to classes, invite the girl/guy you've always wanted to, for a coffee or just a walk, autumn has it's way of "fixing" stuff. Enjoy the autumn and the ambiance it creates, because soon winter will come and spoil it all.
Next time: Why I love winter! (Yea, sure:))

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