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Monday, September 17, 2007

Lebec, California

If you ever find yourself in Lebec, California I suppose there are a lot of things to see and visit (like the Fort Tejon and the Oak), but if I ever find myself in Lebec, I'll make sure I visit the Black Magic Alpaca Ranch. The ranch owner is Rachelle Black, the coolest blogger ever (Pasture Musings), with the best sense of humor. I ran in to her blog by accident and now I am a regular visitor, because the alpaca magic has enchanted me. Alpacas are truly amazing creatures, often called ships with long necks , but in fact they resemble a spotless fawns more likely.

Hills in Lebec photos by Rachelle Black

In Honor of Life

In August Rachelle held a contest on her blog, an alpaca naming contest, and the prize was a scarf made from alpaca fleece. And so we gathered all Tolkien fans from around the world to name the newborn cria at Rachelle's ranch, not as much for the prize, but just the pleasure of giving a name to that little cute creature. And a name was picked, Elbereth , Lady of the Stars. So, that's why "in honor of life", because every little vibrant atom that drives this planet counts, because every single creature matters, because we are all part of each other. And we proved it because people from miles away gave the best of them to give a name to new life.

Elbereth (photo by Rachelle Black)

More on Alpacas here.


Rachelle said...

Oh how totally cool!!
I love what you did with the colors, cool beans!

You are awesome Silfiriel!
Thank you for the gracious words about my blog, I am so glad you stumbled upon me my friend, I am the richer for meeting you.

silfiriel said...

Thanks Rachelle

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