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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kia Ora Hotel, Tuamotu Islands

On the edge of the world, in the Tuamotu Archipelago, an immense atoll known as Rangiroa reigns in the middle of the Pacific waters.

This volcanic island of French Polynesia is the home of one of the most beautiful hotels in the South Pacific...the Hotel Kia Ora. It's location between two passes on the northwest coast of Rangiroa, the crystal blue lagoon and the traditional hospitality are assets that make the Kia Ora an exceptional hotel. Sixty-three bungalows positioned along the coral ring of the atoll, a sight of rare beauty.

About thirty kilometers south of Rangiroa on the other side of its vast lagoon you will find the Kia Ora Sauvage - a private islet, complete with five comfortable beach bungalows to recreate the traditional Polynesian way of life...(from the official website)

Now this is the place for "the vacation", because everything about it fits in the perfect ilusion for paradise, however paradise does seem to be pricy. The images are high res, as always, so you can enjoy from afar, if that's possible.

1 comment:

matthew said...

looks really very nice and sounds like a great place to relax. I'd love to go there. I can tell from the picture that I'll be having a good time when I have my vacation there.

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