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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tour d'World with Nokia Ovi Maps 3D

Take a look at that. Ovi Maps 3D is amazing. You can fly over and walk the streets in 20 cities around the world. Or you can look for directions to any place, anywhere in 2D maps.
In 3D maps for each city there are some famous places to see or fly over with a prepared "helicopter" tour. In 2D well, lets just say you will never be lost again.

 I've always wanted to see the Hollywood sign up close.

The Adventurer Presents

Sit back, fasten your sit belts and enjoy the ride. Will travel to places all around the world within seconds, comfortable, with all the

luxuriates your home offers. Join me on this journey, it's funnier together!
This is for all those that are on the road too, this could be your guide to new adventures!

Click the pics for a million dollar view!
They are all Hi-Res!

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